The AMIT Network was selected by Israel’s Ministry of Education as the leading Jewish values–based educational network.

The purpose of education on campus is to raise bagrut scores, to increase the number of students studying math, physics, science and technology subjects and to maintain a high level of military service or national service.

The campus is located on the border of the cities of Herzliya and Raanana.

In the south and west of the campus is the main recreational area of the city of Raanana.

In the north there is a residential two-story buildings.

In the east there are Kfar Batya Educational Institute buildings and sport center.

Design principles:

— Parts of a whole: three schools, one campus.

— Flexibility through variety.

— Maintain a sense of intimacy and belonging.

— Better together: learning in community.

— A community resource for the neighborhood.

— A place to gather.

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Curriculum organized around interdisciplinary themes, networking, cohortscheduling, highest levels of “community” and self directed learning.



Plottage:  651 400 ft2  (60 517 m2)

Total building area: 261 650 ft2  (24 308 m2)

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Participation in the project:

  • Design, analysis.
  • Preparing and applying for building permit.
  • BIM-management and coordination.
  • Co-operation with the USA architect company and Israel engineers.