The Mediatheque is located close to four prestigious Odessa Universities. Unfortunately university Libraries cannot fully satisfy the needs of students in their self-education because of the outdated materials and technical base. Moreover, the library space itself does not meet modern requirements for the educational process.

Plottage: 23 140 ft2 (2 150 m2)

Building area: 16 350 ft2 (1 519 m2)

Floors: 4

Green area: 3 229 ft2 (300 m2)

   In the place of the Mediatheque at the moment there is an open platform of Car dealership (Current situation).  On the north side there is a park. On the west, south, and east sides there are residential buildings with a small number of storeys.

Current situation:


   The project envisages the construction of a new Mediatheque with the underground parking as well as measures for the improvement of the territory: the demolition of existing structures, the arrangement of playgrounds for recreation, a pedestrian zone and landscaped areas.

   The main entrance to the vestibule area is from the side of the park (Front view).

Front view:

Front view

Side view:

Back view

First floor: A bookstore and a cafe sitting 117 (Cafeteria).


Diner hall

Diner hall

Second floor: A library sitting 138, an administrative part with a conference hall, and an office supplies and a copy center.

Third floor: A computer room sitting 48 and a terrace, classrooms, a snack-bar, and a multipurpose hall sitting 130 (Universal hall).

Universal hall:

Universal hall

Fourth floor: Classrooms.

   The project is executed taking into account the safety standards of seismicity up to 7 point on the Richter scale and the high soil subsidence.

   The building has a cast-frame system, and consists of a grid of columns with sections 15.75×15.75 in. (40×40 cm) step 19.69×19.69 ft. (6×6 m).

   The foundation of the Mediatheque is a strip one going around the whole perimeter for a monolithic wall. Inside, there is a pier foundation under columns connected by a strip. The roof is flat, solid, and partly greened.

Participation in the project:

  • Creation of the project in view of the normative documents.
  • Analysis of accessibility and user space, the environment and urban form.
  • Creation of concepts and strategies.
  • Calculation of constructive solutions and schedule of construction works.
  • 3D visualization.