“Pinui Binui” projects are when apartment owners are temporarily evacuated from their apartments, so that the buildings may be demolished and rebuilt.  The owners then return to new apartments in the new building.  The contractor pays all costs for demolition, construction, relocating apartment owners and renting their temporary homes during construction.  In exchange, the contractor adds new apartments in the building.

Side view:

Plottage: 28 710 ft2 (2 667 m2)

Building area: 184 500 ft2 (17 139 m2)

Floors: 18

Number of apartments: 231


Current situation:


The value of the apartments in the building is increased and the owners receive a new, larger and safer apartment than the one they previously had.  This beautifies the city and adds more apartments to the market.




Each resident in the building is receiving:

  • Apartment in new building with area not less than his previous apartment
  • Modern elevator
  • Parking spaces
  • Garden landscaping
  • Lobby and the stairway intercom system
  • Garbage room
  • Bike and stroller room
  • Shopping center

2nd — 6th floor plan:

7th — 15th floor plan:

Participation in the project:

  • Design and project management.
  • Co-operation with engineers and customers.
  • Preparation of detailed working plans (sewage water, electricity, ceilings).
  • Interior design, preparation of detailed plans of developments.
  • 3D visualization.