In the Southwest of Kfar Saba there is a non-working flour mill.

Constructive examination led to the conclusion that the reconstruction or preservation of the building would not be appropriate.

Economic justification indicated a preference for a residential development or retirement residence, and to verify there was the change in land use from “business” to “residential”.

The purpose of the architectural analysis was a survey the possibility of the housing project.

At the junction of roads 4 and 531, on the border of 3 cities (Ra’anana, Drom HaSharon and Kfar Saba), there is a site surrounded by a large number of green plantations. Principally on the east side of the area there are 2000 sq.m. of trees and a playground. Also, on the East side there is a residential 7-storey building.

In the Northeast of the site there is a school, a sports ground, and a police department.

In the East, there is a large center of high technology.

In the South, there is a large shopping center.

Also, within walking distance, there is a Train station, hospitals, and kindergartens.

Three high-rise buildings located at different stages of approval of business use with a total area of more than 10 000 sq.m were designed to the south-west of the site, in the territory adjacent to the shopping center.

An analysis of the territory and the site, as well as the height of the nearest buildings showed the possibility of designing a high-rise residential building with the commercial lower floors.

On the 20th floor, a public space was designed  as a viewpoint on the city.

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Plottage: 23 960 ft2  (2226 m2)

Total building area: 330 796 ft2  (30 732 m2)

Floors: 30

Total number of apartments: 208

Front view:

Typical floor:

Typical floor area: 8 740 ft2  (812 m2)

Number of apartments: 8

Street view:

1 bedroom apartment:

Participation in the project:

  • Design, analysis.
  • Preparing and applying for building permit.
  • Co-operation with consultants and customers.
  • 3D visualization.