The reconstruction of the state Retirement Residence including the increase in the number of apartments, under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance and a Jewish agency to provide housing for the elderly poor.

The Retirement Residence is located in the northern part of Netanya consisting of mainly one-storey residential buildings.Within the walking distance there are the Blue Bay Beach and a restaurant.

The existing 4-storey building was planned to be strengthened and 4 floors added . The entrance area was updated, a hall and a synagogue, an office and a guard room were added. Two patios inside the building offered a sheltered space for relaxation.

The ground floor of the new building is an entrance area with a common room, backyard and office. Each of the 14 typical floors has 12 apartments and a fortified common lounge.

On the territory of the site, a transformer room and a pumping station were designed. The maintenance and increase in the number of green spaces was ensured. On the rear side of the plot there is a parking lot for 52 cars and space for bicycles, as well as, two rooms for garbage removal.

The project was planned taking into account new updated requirements for people with disabilities. In total, 44 new apartments for people with disabilities were designed. To maximize the daylight, shop windows were installed in the living rooms. The vast majority of apartments have access to the balcony of not less than 6 sq.m. and have a sea view.

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Building B Typical floor plan:

Building B (new):

Floors: 15

Number of apartments: 168

New building area: 107 596 ft2  (9 996 m2)

Wheelchair accessible 1-bedroom apartment:

Plottage: 61 354 ft2  (5 700 m2)

Total building area: 243 340 ft2  (22 607 m2)

Total number of apartments: 422


Participation in the project:

  • BIM design.
  • Preparing and applying for building permit.
  • BIM management and coordination.
  • Co-operation with engineers and customers.
  • Preparation of detailed working plans.
  • Interior design, preparation of detailed plans of developments.
  • 3D visualization.