The retirement residence is located in a residential area mostly with compose of mainly two-storied buildings. There is a park and a shopping center nearby.

Plottage: 35 430 ft2 (3292 m2)

Building area: 54 950 ft2 (5 105 m2)

Floors: 7

Number of rooms: 65

Current situation:


   The project was planned, taking into account new updated requirements for people with disabilities.

First floor:

The apartments have been rebuilt refit for the elderly, bearing in mind a constant presence of their nursing needs.

Third floor:

2 bedroom apartment:

1 bedroom apartment:

   Maintaining and increasing the amount of green space has been provided.

   The current architectural form was too massive and cumbersome. The decision was made to maximally facilitate it with the help of glass balconies and windows in the apartments, as well as a glazed lobby and a dining room.

Dinning room:

   The building has been designed to enhance the living and walking areas. Its efficacy is in the revitalization of public space. Opening the sliding doors enables different spatial configurations for events or festivities. An additional terrace of the southern part of the building offers a protected outside space for recreation. The residents’ need for movement is addressed with a number of walking paths around the site.


   The interior is dominated by wood and light-colored surfaces. The entire chapel is lined with ash wood, while a slat screen provides subdued light, adding to the contemplative atmosphere in the interior.


Participation in the project:

  • Design and project management.
  • Co-operation with customers.
  • Preparation of detailed working plans (sewage water, electricity, ceilings).
  • Interior design, preparation of detailed plans of developments.
  • 3D visualization.
  • Creating Video.