“Tama 38” is a national zoning plan for reinforcing buildings against earthquakes. A contractor takes upon himself to renovate a designated building at his own expense.  In exchange for covering all costs of renovations, building permits and necessary taxes, the contractor has the right to build additional floors to the building and sell the apartments built on these floors.

Plottage: 7 266 ft2 (675 m2)

Building area: 28 230 ft2 (2 623 m2)

Floors: 7

Number of apartments: 23

Current situation:

View from the terrace:

Living room:

Each resident in the building is receiving – in addition to the strengthening of the building’s foundations:

  • Up to additional 269.1 ft2 (25 m2) by means of an extra balcony and storage room
  • Modern elevator
  • Parking spaces
  • Exterior remodeling
  • Garden landscaping
  • Renovation and upgrading of the lobby and the stairway intercom system
  • Upgrading of the building infrastructure including water pipes, sewers, and gas lines
  • Garbage room
  • Bike and stroller room

Eastern facade:

   Fifth floor:                                                                       Sixth floor:       


Participation in the project:

  • Design and project management.
  • Preparing and applying for building permit.
  • Co-operation with engineers and customers.
  • Preparation of detailed working plans (sewage water, electricity, ceilings).
  • Interior design, preparation of detailed plans of developments.
  • 3D visualization.