We won the urban planning competition for the design of the Ziv Center in Jerusalem. It was my first competition in Israel and straight away victory. The prize for first place was more than $ 20,000.
According to the assignment, it was required to develop a project on an area of 50,000 sq.m. It’s like 8 football fields.
Our project creates a new modern idea of the comfort of urban residents. We managed to find a way to use urban space as efficiently as possible at any time of the day. There will be the most modern schools, including for gifted children and children with special needs. Here you can practice different kinds of sports. The neighborhood is conveniently accessible by any transport, both personal and public. Also, there are great spaces for walking with family and friends. We treated the existing neighborhood Beit HaKerem with respect, which was noted by the judges in their opinion.
This is the neighborhood in which everyone wants to live.
Thanks to the jury for the appreciation of the project and to the team or the opportunity to test yourself in such competitions.
Team members: Doron Zafrir, Noam Farhi, Tal Ashkenazi, Igor Vasyliev, German Grasenkov.

Competition projects on the website of the Israel Association of Architects and Urban Planners.

View from the West:

Typical Floor Plan: