The art installation «Infinite Aspiration» is created to make awareness of two main subjects in human beings existence. The first is a constant aspiration of the continuity of the development of the human personality in the spiritual and material world, and at the same time, striving for acceptance of the harmony of coexistence as the basic principle of the infinity of space and time. It is the second. These two concepts are intertwined and manifested in the art installation by receiving and transmitting a unique and impressive experience.

From the beginning of the civilizations development in India and the Hellenistic world the philosophical and mathematical concept of infinity has become the subject of study of the brightest minds in our planet.

The evidence of this is one of the oldest known symbols of mankind — the Ouroboros snake biting itself for the tail, as a representation of eternity and infinity.

The study of fundamental concepts of time and space lead to a discussion of their finiteness or infinity.

The never-ending questions and the search for answers are the best indicator of humankind striving for knowledge and spiritual growth.

Public space is designed to generate an individual sense of the infinity of time and space, as well as a comprehensive sense of unity with the physical and spiritual world.

Manifesto of the ascent and development of the human personality in the spiritual and technological world leads to knowledge of its essence and therefore to infinity.