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Cottage, Odessa.

     Private house project was designed for a family with 5.   Considering in the development of this project it was considered a high amount subsidence of…

Cottages, Odessa.

  Number of houses: 4 Floors: 2 Floor height: 3.3 m Total living area: 746 m2 Back view: Front view: First floor: Second floor:  

Economy class cottage.

Floor: 1 Floor height: 3.3 m Total living area: 62 m2 Front view: Back views: First floor:  

Kiryat HaYovel, Jerusalem.

Total area: 1.87 km2 Building area: 1.68 ha Master Plan: Section A-A: Section B-B: General views:

Bakery plant

Floors: 3 Floor height: 6 m Total area: 6900 m2 Dining hall: First floor:   Sectional elevation:

Cottage, Economy class, Israel

Floors: 1 Floor height: 3 m Total living area: 210 m2