The site of 1 is located in the middle ring of the eastern part of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

In the west of the site there are residential areas of the city of Yehud. In the south of it there is an industrial military zone and the main airport of Israel. To the north of the site there is an agricultural settlement Magshimim.

The site is under the jurisdiction of the South Sharon Regional Council.

Access to the metropolitan area is through the roads No. 461 East — West, as well as the roads No. 40 North — South.

The city Yehud is a part of the metropolitan continuum with a high urban activity and a large size of residential areas under construction. According to the approved plans, the city should double its population in the coming years, and add the new residential areas and new jobs on its territory.


According to the National Outline Plan 35 the designated area is defined as “urban fabric”, with the exception of the southeast corner, defined as «integrated retained texture».

According to the District Outline Plan 3/21 there will be a change of agricultural zoning in a plan. 

According to the National Outline Plan 34/b/3 the designated area is crossed from east to west by the Yahud River which defined as «Main drainage artery»

According to the plan of Metropolitan Mass Transit System the purple line Metro is adjacent to the designated area as well as a depot and parking for 3000 lots.

According to the plan of National Roads Company of Israel, the main transport interchange (Road 46) is planned from the south of the designated territory, which will strengthen the connection between the airport and the business areas with the adjacent territories.

The land is leased by the state for agricultural land.


Connecting the city to an updated metropolitan transport network and meeting the needs of the city by creating residential, public and employment spaces.



  • The requirement of the local communities in the conservation of agricultural land and the preservation of a suburban lifestyle.
  • Lack of public spaces and institutions.
  • Lack of commercial territories
  • Lack of connection of the city of Yehud with one of the main arteries of the country.
  • A large number of trees.

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Plottage: 100 ha (1 000 000 m2)

Population: 12 800 p.

Total area of public institutions: 7.8 ha (78 000 m2)

Open public area: 27 ha (270 000 m2)

Total employment and commerce per residential unit: 834 ft2 (77.5 m2)



Number of apartments: 4 000

Building area: 6 458 346 ft2 (600 000 m2)

Floors: 8-11


Retirement residence

Number of apartments: 350

Building area: 282 552 ft2 (26 250 m2)

Floors: 11


Employment and Commerce

Building area: 3 336 812 ft2 (310 000 m2)

Floors: 6-10


Participation in the project:

  • Land use design.
  • Elaboration of conditions for the urban development plan
  • Preparing and applying for permit.
  • Analyzing economic, engineer and environmental research data.
  • Co-operation with engineers and consultants.
  • Presenting to communities, planning officials and planning commissions.
  • 3D visualization.