Kiryat Yam is located on the coastal zone of northern Israel and it is a part of Haifa Metropolitan Area.

A plot measuring 450 x 700 m is located 6 km from Haifa Airport, 2 km from the train stop, and 200 m from the Metronit city line.

The site is an orthogonal two-story residential building with a public and cultural center near the park.

The site is located 300 m from the sea. According to the District Outline Plan 6 does not fall under the restrictions of the coastal environment.

The population of Kiryat Yam was formed in the 1950s by immigrants and refugees from Yemen and Eastern Europe. These two groups made a great contribution to the development of the settlement.

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Analysis of the social and economic composition of the population:

— The unemployment rate is 27% higher than the national average.

— The number of elderly people is 45% more than the national average.

— The crime rate is 38% higher than the national average.


Site analysis:

— A noticeable stratification of the level of prosperity of the residents within the community.

— The vast majority of buildings go beyond the permissible construction of housing.

— 50% of the plots belong to the Jewish National Fund and the state, and local authorities. 20%   are in joint ownership of the Jewish National Fund, and private property. 30% are of private property.

— There are 10 synagogues of various movements on the territory.


Analysis of nearby territories:

The park adjoins the plot on the south side. On the south side of the park, the Agash urban renewal project provides  the removal of 250 units of housing, and construction of 1500 units of housing, two schools and a trade area.

The height of residential buildings is up to 25 floors.

To the east of the site, the Stadium project results in the removal of a football stadium and the construction of 1,000 units of housing, public buildings and trade areas. The height of residential buildings is up to 20 floors.

To the north of the site is a low-rise residential development, and a military factory also.

To the west of the plot is a four-story residential development and the coastline with a Haifa view. 

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Plottage: 30 ha  (300 000 m2)

Population: 3 800 p.

Number of plots: 340


Common design principles

— Addition of Employment and Commerce along Weizman Street.

— Strengthening of the South-North Link with the designed road.

— Extra public parking on the streets because of the reduction of parking standard.

— Transfer synagogues to projected buildings.

— Easements for passes through a residential area.

— Total area of public institutions and Open public area are calculated in accordance with the number and composition of the future population of the site.

— Underground parking no more than 1 floor due to groundwater.

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An analysis of the proposed options indicated a lack of housing units for the economic attractiveness of the project.

In this regard, a proposal was sent to the Israel Land Authority to allocate additional land for a development.

Participation in the project:

  • Parametric land use and construction rights design.
  • Analyzing economic, engineer and environmental research data.
  • Co-operation with engineers and consultants.
  • Presenting to communities, planning officials and planning commissions.
  • 3D visualization.